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We are a Full-Service Law Firm.

At Muayad & Associates, we know the legal challenges faced by local and international companies operating or intending to operate in the Middle East or Iraq. Due to the lack of awareness and unfamiliarity with the Iraqi laws, it is difficult for foreign companies to protect their rights and seek justice, leading to disputes and other legal issues. This is why foreign and local companies prefer to work with us.

Over a decade of hands-on legal experience

At Muayad & Associates, we have over a decade of legal experience operating in the Middle East and Iraq. We have a strong understanding of the Iraqi and Middle Eastern legal landscape. The combination of our profound experience and in-depth market understanding empowers of lawyers to provide clients with the best-in-class legal services.

Our team of seasoned lawyers works relentlessly and cohesively across all practice areas to provide quality and innovation solutions to our clients. Our approach towards serving clients is distinctively broad and deep in scope. No matter what your legal issue may be, we can help. We at Muayad & Associates are focused on one thing: your legal success.

Our Legal Services

At Muayad & Associates, we’re among the law firms in the Middle East that know the legal challenges faced by local and international companies operating or intending to operate in the Middle East or Iraq. Due to the lack of awareness and unfamiliarity with the local laws, it is difficult for foreign companies to protect their rights and seek justice, leading to disputes and other legal issues, especially for foreign judgment in Iraq. This is why foreign and local companies prefer to work with us as we provide the best legal services to corporations in Iraq and the Middle East

Corporate & Commercial

Muayad & Associates is a full-service corporate and commercial law company. We are strongly committed to providing clients with the best legal advice related to corporate and commercial issues and quality assistance for running operations in Iraq smoothly and efficiently.

We understand that navigating through a new country’s legal and regulatory commercial and corporate environment can be challenging for foreign companies. Hence, we are here to help. You can rely on and trust us for quality advice and step-by-step guidance on a full suite of corporate and commercial arrangements. Rest assured, we will meet your legal objectives.

We don’t just promise. We deliver.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Muayad & Associates is the broadest and full-service dispute resolution practice catering to clients in the Middle East and Iraq. Our proven track record in arbitrating under local litigation and arbitration rules is owed to our team. We have a highly qualified, skilled, and experienced team of practitioners worldwide, including the Middle East, US, and Europe.

Combining our vast talent, breadth, and depth of legal knowledge and skills gives us a competitive edge over other legal firms in the region. Our expertise enables us to provide arbitration under local litigation and arbitration rules and well-known international arbitrations rules such as the International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules and the UNICTRAL Arbitration Rules.

Media & Telecommunication

Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, the world is at our fingertips now. But there are local and regional sensitivities, specific considerations, and legal regulations that must be met by content providers, publishers, production houses, advertisers, and platform operators. All these legal complexities serve as a minefield for new industry players, making it challenging for them to operate and survive. Therefore, legal support is essential, and that is what we help clients with. We have our international clients operating in Iraq and the Middle East well-protected.

Corporate Structuring

At Muayad & Associates, we understand the crucial role that effective corporate structuring plays in the success of your business. Whether you’re establishing a new venture in the Middle East or looking to optimize an existing operation, our team offers unparalleled expertise in creating robust corporate frameworks that align with your strategic objectives and comply with local legal requirements.

Our corporate structuring services are designed to provide your business with a solid foundation for growth and efficiency. We guide you through the intricacies of corporate formation, restructuring, and compliance, ensuring that your business structure is optimized for legal efficiency, tax minimization, and operational agility.

Banking & Finance

At Muayad & Associates, we have a solid background and a wealth of experience in the banking and finance sector. Over the years, we have provided quality guidance to and advised various clients, including but not limited to domestic and international banks operating in Iraq, sovereign and corporate entities, finance providers, and other market participants.

Our team of banking lawyers and financial advisors has extensive experience working on financial transactions, cases, and claims for clients across Iraq and the Middle East region, positioning us as one of the leading law firms in the sector of banking and finance law and across multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, our highly qualified banking lawyers are specialists in providing complete and result-driven solutions for clients.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

As the Iraqi health care industry is undergoing significant changes, international companies must understand the changing dynamics and adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth. At Muayad & Associates, we can help you respond to the complexities of today and tomorrow successfully. We are one of the leading and innovative law firms in the region focused on providing fast and dependable legal advice and representation services to our clients in the healthcare sector. Our attorneys offer innovative legal solutions specific to client requirements along with end-to-end advice and representations.

Our seasoned healthcare lawyers have hands-on experience and profound industry knowledge of the policies and principles that underlie and influence the healthcare sector. This allows us to understand the unique concerns and challenges clients face, providing them with the best solutions.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (“IP”) is one of the most valuable assets in modern commerce and international trade. Given its value, the protection of IP rights is imperative to all businesses. Muayad & Associates is an industry leader in respect of IP enforcement and protection in Iraq.

Iraq had previously enacted laws to deal with most IP categories. However, many of these laws were outdated and, under the auspices of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Orders 81 and 83 were passed in 2004 to provide more protection to IP rights holders.

Labor Law

As we are one of the largest and rapidly-growing employment groups of lawyers in Iraq and the Middle East, we understand labor laws and employment complexities better than others. Our deep socio-economic and legal knowledge and extensive combined experience in dispute resolution empower us to provide quality advice and litigation services to clients on all aspects of labor and employment conflicts.

We ensure that our advice is effective, practical, and commercially viable, helping you navigate the legal complexities and protecting your rights in conformance to labor laws. We have represented and advised a diverse set of clients at Muayad & Associates, including multinationals, government-owned entities and other local, regional, and international companies. As a trusted partner law firm in Iraq, we work with clients to resolve and expertly navigate and advise on disputes ethically with their best interest in consideration.

Property & Real Estate

The Iraqi and Middle Eastern real estate market is growing rapidly in terms of opportunities, complexity, and sophistication. Foreign companies, investors, corporations, and financial institutions planning to penetrate this market require legal support and guidance to make informed decisions. A legal team is crucial to providing strategic transactional support on a cross-border basis and tapping into profitable real estate investment opportunities in conformance with the law and regulatory requirements. And this is what we do best.

We are a team of commercial property lawyers with the experience, skills and depth of resources needed to deliver a high level of service to real estate sector participants operating or intending to operate in Iraq and the Middle East.


Our business lawyers at Muayad & Associates have been serving clients for three decades. We know the importance of tax and how crucial this legal obligation is to the successful operation of your business. Whether you’re a registered company or not, tax compliance is required if you operate in Iraq. If you don’t conform to the Iraqi taxation law, it can expose your business to hefty penalties and serious legal complications.

As the tax landscape is quite complex, foreign companies can make it difficult to comply with the regulations. This is where we come into the picture. We have established a dedicated team of business lawyers focused on helping clients meet all their tax obligations successfully. Our tax practice offers quality and cross-border taxation advice to foreign companies operating or intending to start their operations in Iraq and the Middle East region. Our clientele includes multinational corporations, financial institutions, private equity groups, real estate companies, family offices, and banks to name a few.

Contract Drafting

At Muayad & Associates, our legal expertise extends to the nuanced field of Contract Drafting, ensuring your business transactions are secured and your interests protected. Our team specializes in the preparation and review of a wide range of contracts, including but not limited to franchise agreements, arbitration contracts, partnership agreements, construction contracts, lease agreements, property-related contracts, and sub-contracts. We cater to the diverse needs within the corporate commercial field, offering tailored solutions that align with your strategic goals. Our approach emphasizes clarity, legal precision, and strategic foresight, aiming to prevent disputes and facilitate smooth business operations. Trust us to navigate the complexities of contract law on your behalf, safeguarding your business against unforeseen legal challenges.

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Our attributes like professionalism, work ethos, aggressive legal representation, and quality assistance have earned us the trust and respect of our clients. Our success can be gauged by our growing client list, featuring satisfied clients and referrals. We are a name you can trust and rely on for your legal matters in Iraq.

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