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Thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, the world is at our fingertips now. But there are local and regional sensitivities, specific considerations, and legal regulations that must be met by content providers, publishers, production houses, advertisers, and platform operators. All these legal complexities serve as a minefield for new industry players, making it challenging for them to operate and survive. Therefore, legal support is essential, and that is what we help clients with. We have our international clients operating in Iraq and the Middle East well-protected.

At Muayad & Associates, we have a strong understanding of the laws and market changes of the Iraqi and Middle Eastern media sector. We know that the current strong growth of the Middle Eastern market has resulted in the battle between industry players to attract and retain them. This where our legal expertise in telecommunication and Media in Iraq and the Middle East becomes useful in resolving disputes, complying with the law, and winning cases in court.

We can provide a wide variety of legal services specific to the media sector through our dedicated, professional, and experienced team of attorneys and legal advisors. Hence, we offer you specialist and local legal advice in marketing, advertising, and social media usage, helping you seek consumers’ attention and retain them across all media. Our services include:

  • Quality guidance and documentation on all types of transactions in conformance with media regulations
  • Specialist advice on content production, commission arrangements, and distribution agreements, barter agreements, agreements with talent, ownership, and copyright assignment
  • Local law advisory and regulatory compliance including:
    Local content restrictions, non-compliance with publishing/broadcasting related restrictions and policies and contentious media-related cases, such as: Copyright infringement, Social-media take-downs and Addressing non-compliance with local regulatory requirements
Media and Telecommunication at Salt & Associates Law Firm


The emergence of new technologies such as broadband services, mobile convergence and the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as the ongoing demand for faster internet service and deployment of 5G networks have made the telecommunication landscape challenging than ever.

Although international players with advanced telecom technologies (planning to start their operations in Iraq) may have an advantage over local companies, conforming to a new region’s regulations and policies may hinder their launch, growth, and success. Nonetheless, when you hire us as your law firm in Iraq, we’ll help you successfully navigate through all the legalities, telecommunication regulatory regimes and compete with an edge.

At Muayad & Associates, we are committed to finding reliable and innovative legal solutions to suit our client’s requirements and business needs in conformance with the laws of Iraq and the Middle East. Our lawyers are well-positioned to provide a full range of business legal services to the changing and challenging telecommunication ecosystem. We advise operators, suppliers, and customers across all telecom-related matters including but not limited to:

  • MVNO and VNO contracts
  • Management agreements
  • Telecom infrastructure contracts
  • IT outsourcing and consulting contracts
  • Purchase or sale of telecom technologies and equipment

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