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Legal complexities, especially in a foreign country, can be difficult for international companies to navigate. Due to the lack of legal knowledge and understanding of the laws, most companies fail to protect their rights and get justice, while others prefer to work with us and benefit from our litigation and alternative dispute resolution services.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution in iraq

Full-Service Dispute Resolution Practice

Muayad & Associates is the broadest and full-service dispute resolution practice catering to clients in the Middle East and Iraq. Our proven track record in arbitrating under local litigation and arbitration rules is owed to our team. We have a highly qualified, skilled, and experienced team of practitioners possessing extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations.

Combining our vast talent, breadth, and depth of legal knowledge and skills gives us a competitive edge over other legal firms in the region for foreign arbitration in Iraq. Our expertise enables us to provide arbitration under local litigation and arbitration rules and well-known international arbitrations rules such as the International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules and the UNICTRAL Arbitration Rules, offering firm command for litigation in Iraq.

At Muayad & Associates, we have the rights before the local courts, and the skills and ability to practice the local laws of all jurisdictions in which we operate. Once you hire us, our experienced lawyer in Iraq/Middle East will work in synergy with your company to ensure you get quality guidance on how to proceed in litigation.

The execution is well-orchestrated, eliminating confusion and communication issues. If and when needed, we will also provide counseling on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation.

Representation in Arbitration

Our law firm is adept at representing clients across various arbitration forums, including ad hoc arbitrations and those administered by major international arbitration institutions. We offer robust advocacy and strategic advice throughout the arbitration process, from pre-arbitration negotiations and drafting of arbitration agreements to the presentation of cases and post-arbitration enforcement. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of disputes, including commercial, construction, investment, and energy sectors, ensuring our clients receive tailored and effective representation.

Advising on Arbitration in Light of Iraqi Laws and International Treaties

We provide comprehensive advice on navigating the arbitration landscape as it intersects with Iraqi laws and relevant international treaties. Our firm assists clients in understanding their rights and obligations under various legal frameworks, enabling informed decision-making at every stage of the arbitration process. Whether it’s drafting arbitration clauses, selecting appropriate arbitration forums, or interpreting the implications of Iraqi laws and international conventions, our attorneys ensure that clients are well-prepared and strategically positioned.

Enforcement of Foreign Awards and Foreign Court Judgments in Iraq

Our capability extends to advising and assisting clients with the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards and court judgments in Iraq. Understanding the challenges presented by the recognition and enforcement process in a jurisdiction like Iraq, we navigate clients through the legal requirements and procedural steps. Our firm is well-versed in the nuances of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards, as well as other relevant international treaties and local laws, ensuring a streamlined and effective enforcement process.

Client-Focused Services

We are a law firm in Iraq and the Middle East working in the best interest of our clients. Our goal is to protect your legal rights and ensure justice. At Muayad & Associates, we have over thirty years of litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We have represented some of the largest disputes in the region and resolved them successfully.

Here are the ways we have helped foreign companies with litigation and ADR services over the years:

  • Provided quality advisory services to a major telecom company on available avenues to challenging media commissions and communication decisions with licensing matters
  • Advised and represented a client in a case against a news channel for moral damages caused to the client and their defamation action
  • Assisted in special nature lawsuits of approximately 500 Million USD for prestigious foreign companies
  • Represented successfully international companies in the court against a local Iraqi company before courts of Basra.
  • Advised medical companies on numerous compensation cases, related to agreements with medicine supplies and medical equipment against the Iraqi Ministry of Health/KIMADIA;
  • Represented a major investor in Iraq on arbitral proceedings. It was related to the shareholding of a licensed telecom company in Iraq.
  • Represented and handled multiple disputes of millions of dollars of a foreign oil company against both private and public sector companies
  • Successfully negotiated dispute settlement regarding construction and mining equipment firm.
  • Represented Oil and Gas companies in disputes linked with their work and activities in Iraq against other contractors or sub-contractors.
  • Advised and represented clients in labor lawsuits, including but not limited to termination claims, compensation claims, and employment contract
  • Provided quality advice on the structuring and privatization of an Iraqi ministry‚Äôs public companies and legal forms.


If you are operating in Iraq or the Middle East and dealing and in need of litigation or ADR services, contact us. Schedule a free consultation with our lawyer in Iraq today. Let us help you navigate through the legal complexities smoothly.

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