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As we are one of the largest and rapidly-growing employment groups of lawyers in Iraq and the Middle East, we understand labor laws and employment complexities better than others. Our deep socio-economic and legal knowledge and extensive combined experience in dispute resolution empower us to provide quality advice and litigation services to clients on all aspects of labor and employment conflicts.

We ensure that our advice is effective, practical, and commercially viable, helping you navigate the legal complexities and protecting your rights in conformance to labor laws. We have represented and advised a diverse set of clients at Muayad & Associates, including multinationals, government-owned entities and other local, regional, and international companies. As a trusted partner law firm in Iraq, we work with clients to resolve and expertly navigate and advise on disputes ethically with their best interest in consideration.

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Areas we Excel In

At Muayad & Associates, we are your go-to parent for labor law and legal advice. We advise and assist on practically all aspects of employment and labor issues in Iraq and the Middle East, including but not limited to:

  • Transactional work
  • Day-to-day employee relations
  • Employment litigation within the public and private sectors
  • Contracts of employment
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation (breaches and agreements)
  • Employment matters
  • Employment litigation in all tribunals and courts (including termination, end of service benefit claims, dismissal, protection of confidential information, and business interests)
  • Reorganization of business such as employment transfer, changes in the conditions of employment, redundancy, and dismissal
  • HR manuals and employment policies such as maternity leaves, employee performance, and misconduct procedures


Our wealth of experience and working with numerous clients on various claims and cases allows us to provide the most effective strategies and methods for the settlement of employment disputes both through court settlement and within the Iraqi Judicial system.

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Comprehensive and Well-Rounded Solutions Not in Isolation

We provide comprehensive and well-rounded legal counseling services, helping clients plan for and anticipate the unexpected. Employment law advice is not provided in isolation but alongside other practice areas like banking, corporate and commercial, and real estate. Our lawyers from different sectors work in synergy to advise on a full range of HR and employment issues affecting growth and profitability — from productivity, employee benefits, and rising healthcare costs to traditional labor law and union avoidance tactics, and serious litigation threatening company reputation and bottom-line.

At Muayad & Associates, we offer a proven track record of favorable outcomes, whether behind the scenes or in mediation and arbitration. We seek to provide innovative solutions that minimize the inherent risks of managing a workforce and disputes.

For more information about our labor law services or assistance, contact us. Schedule an initial consultation with our seasoned lawyer in Iraq and the Middle East.

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Our attorneys work in synergy, ensuring that we confidently and knowledgeably respond to any legal aspect across the region and provide you with quality advice and guidance for the best outcome.