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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


As the Iraqi health care industry is undergoing significant changes, international companies must understand the changing dynamics and adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth. At Muayad & Associates, we can help you respond to the complexities of today and tomorrow successfully. We are one of the leading and innovative law firms in the region focused on providing fast and dependable legal advice and representation services to our clients in the healthcare sector. Our attorneys offer innovative legal solutions specific to client requirements along with end-to-end advice and representations.

Our seasoned healthcare lawyers have hands-on experience and profound industry knowledge of the policies and principles that underlie and influence the healthcare sector. This allows us to understand the unique concerns and challenges clients face, providing them with the best solutions.

We have a large healthcare team dedicated to offering comprehensive legal services to all clients across the industry. Our rich experience allows us to provide full-scale legal services to major healthcare service providers, including government entities, private equity firms, health IT companies, medical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, practitioners, and distributors.

Muayad & Associates, we have been working with our local and international healthcare clients operating in Iraq. We help address their operational, government, regulatory, and legal concerns along with business continuity issues. We strive to provide you with a quality legal framework and advice while navigating through regulatory hurdles to achieve distinct company goals.

Areas of Focus

At Muayad & Associates, we take pride in being valued by our clients for our consensus-building and problem-solving skills on complex regulatory issues related to compliance and adherence to licensure regulations. We know the court system inside-out and thus deliver the requisite litigation prowess like no other.

Our areas of focus include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of regional Regulations
  • Regulatory due diligence on transactions related to mergers and acquisitions
  • Ethical codes of practice and standards
  • Facility policies and procedures
  • Governance frameworks and policies
  • Licensing
  • Legislative compliance
  • Medical products
  • Registration of pharmaceutical and medical device registrations
  • Practitioner licensing and qualifications verification

Sensitive and Significant

At Muayad & Associates, we work with sensitive and significant problems that involve major value in terms of reputation and financials. Keeping this in mind, we offer all due care and diligence while understanding the operating industry standards required to meet this unique legal niche’s needs successfully.

For more information or legal assistance, feel free to contact us. Schedule a consultation with our lawyer in Iraq or the Middle East to discuss the challenges you are facing and we’ll provide you with the best advice and solutions.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals As the Iraqi health care industry is undergoing significant changes, international companies must understand the changing dynamics and adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth. At Salt & Associates Law Firm,

Our Services

We specialize in a comprehensive suite of services designed to facilitate the successful entry and operation of international pharmaceutical companies in Iraq. Our offerings include:

Assistance with Local Scientific Bureaus:

  • Navigating the registration and partnership processes with local Scientific Bureaus
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements on behalf of foreign manufacturers
  • Ensuring compliance with Iraqi laws and regulations governing pharmaceutical practices

Dealings with KIMADIA:

  • Guiding clients through the procurement and supply chain procedures with KIMADIA (The State Company for Marketing Drugs and Medical Appliances)
  • Advising on tender participation, contract fulfillment, and regulatory compliance
  • Representing clients in negotiations and communications with KIMADIA

Legal Compliance with the Ministry of Health:

  • Ensuring adherence to the Ministry of Health’s standards and guidelines for pharmaceuticals
  • Assistance with product registration, licensing, and approval processes
  • Advocating on behalf of clients in policy discussions and regulatory changes
  • Advising on the current regulations related to registration of drug manufacturing companies, distribution companies, and registration of drugs and medical appliances in Iraq.

Coordination with the Pharmacist Syndicate and Other Relevant Authorities:

  • Liaising with the Pharmacist Syndicate to ensure compliance with professional and ethical standards
  • Managing relationships with other relevant regulatory bodies and stakeholders in the healthcare sector
  • Providing strategic advice on navigating the legal and regulatory environment

Additional Services

  • Intellectual property protection, including patents and trademarks
  • Corporate governance and operational compliance within the healthcare sector
  • Risk management and legal due diligence
  • Dispute resolution and litigation support related to healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Our approach is holistic, combining legal prowess with a deep understanding of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. We are committed to ensuring that our clients not only comply with Iraqi laws and regulations but also thrive in a competitive marketplace.

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