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Muayad & Associates is a full-service corporate and commercial law company offering corporate income tax advisory in Iraq. We are strongly committed to providing clients with the best legal advice related to corporate and commercial issues and quality assistance for running operations in Iraq smoothly and efficiently for corporate income tax in Iraq.

We understand that navigating through a new country’s legal and regulatory commercial and corporate environment can be challenging for foreign companies. Hence, we are here to help. You can rely on and trust us for quality advice and step-by-step guidance on a full suite of corporate and commercial arrangements. Rest assured, we will meet your legal objectives.

We don’t just promise. We deliver.

Corporate and Commercial - Salt & Associates Lawyers

Full-Scale Corporate and Commercial Law Services

With us, you can seek advice on all types of corporate and commercial arrangements. These include but are not limited to:

  • General commercial and business advisory
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Deal negotiation
  • Due diligence
  • Franchising
  • Distribution and reseller agreements
  • Commercial agencies
  • Terms and conditions of procurement and sale
  • Agreements of manufacturing and supply
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Advice on internal HR policies.
  • Advice on intellectual property rights, registration, and protection
  • Introducer and referral agreements
  • Warehousing agreements
  • Lease, hire and maintenance agreements
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements (NDAS)
  • Memoranda of understanding (MOUs)

At Muayad & Associates, our team ensures all your needs are met to your complete satisfaction.

Hands-On Experience and Knowledge—We Are Second to None

Our strength lies in our multi-faceted team. We have a team of highly qualified and seasoned practitioners from the Middle East, Europe, and the US. Each member brings a breadth of legal expertise and knowledge unparalleled in the region, along with a successful track record.

Moreover, our team has a solid understanding and knowledge of the Iraqi and Middle East regulatory and legal environment, enabling us to provide clients with effective and practical advice with the best outcomes.

Whether you need advice on commercial real estate from our corporate property lawyers or assistance to mitigate corporate legal risks, we can provide you with the best guidance. We ensure that our clients are compliant with local regulatory requirements and laws.

In-Tune With New Developments and Practices

Our corporate and commercial law services are exceptional. To deliver you service excellence, we have established strong relationships with different local and regional regulatory authorities. This gives us a competitive edge over other service providers.

It helps us stay current and abreast of the latest developments and practices in the key practice areas we specialize in. So, when we give our clients advice, we make sure that it is clear, current, and practical while considering ongoing regulatory changes to the Iraqi legal system and applicable laws.

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Our attorneys work in synergy, ensuring that we confidently and knowledgeably respond to any legal aspect across the region and provide you with quality advice and guidance for the best outcome.